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What is BCI2000?

BCI2000 is an open-source, general-purpose software system for brain-computer interface (BCI) research that is free for non-commercial use. BCI2000 includes software tools that can acquire and process data, present stimuli and feedback, and manage interaction with outside devices such as robotic arms. BCI2000 is a real-time system that can synchronize EEG and other signals with a wide variety of biosignals and input devices such as mice or eye-trackers. It has several modules to manage data importing and exporting in common file formats. BCI2000 operates on most Windows systems, and the source code can be compiled on most Windows machines.

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Programming References

  • The Programming Reference provides background information
    which you need in order to understand, modify, or create code that
    depends on the BCI2000 framework.


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