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BCI2000 supports many frameworks outside of its native implementation. This page gives a list of each of these frameworks and how they interact with one another.



A visual schematic for how the varying interfaces of BCI2000 interact. Encapsulated items mean they are built on top of the larger, overarching framework. For example, BCI2000Remote is an extension of BCI2000 Operator Module Scripting. Each interface has a descriptor of the language/method/application you would use for the framework.


External Interfaces

BCI2000 Operator Module Scripting

Documentation: User Reference:Module Command Line Options, User Reference:Operator Module Scripting


Documentation: User Tutorial:BCI2000Remote, Programming Reference:BCI2000Remote Class, Contributions:BCI2000PythonBindings


Frameworks organized by languages

User Interface (no coding): BCI2000Launcher

Python: PsychoPy, BCPy2000, BCI2000Remote

Matlab: MatlabFilter, BCI2000Remote, Simulink

Command-line shell: Operator Module Scripting, BCI2000Shell, BCI2000Command

.NET (Visual Basic, C#): BCI2000Automation, BCI2000RemoteNET (under development)

C++: Create a native BCI2000 filter, BCI2000Remote