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The BCI2000FileWriter component writes out data in the native BCI2000 File Format.


Common Data Storage Parameters

These are storage parameters common to all Data File Formats.


Path to an existing directory. Recorded data will be stored below that directory. The path may be absolute, or relative to the source module's working directory at startup. Usually, the working directory at startup matches the source module's executable location in the prog directory.


A textual ID for the subject. This text will appear in session directories, and data file names.


A textual ID for the current session. Sessions correspond to data directories. The path of a session directory is constructed according to



A number indicating the current run. Runs correspond to data files. To avoid accidental loss of data, run numbers are auto-incremented to the largest unused value. Within a session directory, data file names are constructed according to


A data file's extension depends on its File Format.

ID_System, ID_Amp, ID_Montage

These parameters are provided for documentation purposes and may contain arbitrary text.

BCI2000FileWriter Specific Parameters


Specifies whether parameters are to be stored in a parameter file separate from the data file. The additional parameter file will be redundant, as native BCI2000 data files always contain the complete set of parameters. This parameter is optional, and will not appear in the parameter configuration dialog by default. To use it, specify --SavePrmFile=1 on the command line when starting up the source module.


At the beginning of the recording, this parameter's content is overwritten with a string describing the current date and time. Any user-specified value is ignored.



See also

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