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The PegasusAstro USB Control Hub

The PegasusAstro USB Control Hub allows for easy control of up to 6 USBs. This can be used for robust control of switching between different units. See the PegasusAstro USB Control Hub website for more information.




  • Will Engelhardt (
  • Alexander Belsten (

Version History

  • 06/08/2021 - First working version

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 6304
  • Tested under: 6304
  • Known to compile under: 6306
  • Broken since: --

Integration into BCI2000

Insert Start executable PegasusAstroFilter --local into the batch file that you want to run.



When false (the box is not checked), this parameter keeps any processing from happening. When true (the box is checked), the program runs as it should.


This is where the active COM port is defined. This COM Port is the location that the USB Hub is connected to. This information can be found on Device Manager, where it should list the COM port that is being used by the USB. If incorrect, the program will not run.


This parameter defines the trigger expressions to turn off the USB. Each row label contains the USB number it corresponds to. Each input must be a BCI Expression. In the example shown in the figures, StimulusCode is the used expression. When the condition expressed in each row is met, that USB will be turned off.

An example of expressions in the ToggleUSBs parameter matrix
Viewing each USB's state and the StimulusCode together. This example has the expressions listed in the figure to the right.


Port1 - Port6

1 bit states that relay when a USB port is on or off. There are 6 separate state variables, one for each USB. 1 for on, 0 for off. The default state is that they are on.

The layout of the numbers of the USBs

See also

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