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PsychoPy is an open-source application used to perform a large number of neuroscience, psychology, and psychophysics experiments. The video first describes the two components that are developed to remotely start BCI2000 from PsychoPy, then lists the steps to follow to add the new components in the PsychoPy application and finally goes on to an example.


  1. Download the PsychoPy standalone version from the PsychoPy downloads page.
  2. Copy the folders BCIStart and BCIUpdateState from the src/contrib/PsychoPy Components directory of your BCI2000 repository into the folder {$PsychoPyHome}\Lib\site-packages\psychopy\experiment\components Psychopy2.png
  3. Open PsychoPy and then open your experiment file (StroopExtended is what we use in the demo) Psychopy3.png
  4. Open the part of the experiment where you want to start BCI2000 (in this case the instruct tab) and look under the custom section of the components for the BCI Connect and BCI Update State components Psychopy4.png
  5. Add the BCI2000 Start Component by clicking on it.
  6. Enter the path to the prog folder in the BCI2000 directory where your file exists Psychopy5.png
  7. Add the states that you want to record separated by commas (the first value will always be the default value and the second value will always be the maximum value) Psychopy6.png
  8. Add the BCIUpdateState component to where you want to update state values. You can either choose to simply pass a variable through BCIUpdateState, or you can specify that it execute a specific Python script by choosing the "Use Expression" ticker Psychopy7.png Psychopy8.png
  9. Run the experiment Psychopy9.png Psychopy10.png


Also see the PsychoPy page for more details on the installation process, APIs, and hooks.

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