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The TransmissionFilter forwards a subset of input channels to its output. Typically, it is used as the very last stage of the data acquisition module to select a subset of recorded channels for on-line processing, thus reducing data transmission overhead and processing load.



A list of input channels to be forwarded to the filter's output. May be defined as a list of channel names, ordinal channel numbers, wildcard patterns, or ranges.

  • Wildcard patterns may contain the usual * and ? wildcards, character sets enclosed in [], and may be negated by prepending an exclamation mark.
  • Ranges are given by begin and end, separated with a colon (:) or minus (-). Either of begin and end may be omitted, resulting in the full available range.

Channel labels are forwarded if present for the input signal.


  • Each of * : - 1: 1- will match the full range of available channels.
  • !EOG* matches all channels except those whose names begin with "EOG".
  • *z will match all central electrodes.
  • ??? will match all channels whose names consist of exactly three characters.



See also

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