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This page describes changes in parameters between prior versions of BCI2000, and Version 2.0.

Rows without notes represent parameters that have been renamed without changing their structure or meaning.

Source Modules

Name in Version 2 Name in previous versions Notes
ID_System, ID_Amp, ID_Montage   Added for equipment documentation purposes.
SourceCh SoftwareCh  
DataDirectory FileInitials  

SignalGeneratorADC (renamed from RandomNumberADC)

SineChannelY SineChannel  
RandomSeed DoTrueRandom Non-null value now specifies random seed for testing purposes.
SignalType SignalType Enumeration now omits float24 type to match gUSBamp source module's SignalType parameter, 0: int16, 1: int32, 2: float32.
  TransmitCh Removed to avoid redundancy (number of values in TransmitChList).
VisualizeTiming VisualizeRoundtrip Visualization window now shows block duration, roundtrip, and stimulus delay.


SpatialFilter SpatialFilterKernal  
  NumControlSignals Chosen automatically to match classifier output.

AR Filter

FirstBinCenter StartMem + MemBandWidth/2 Specifying center frequencies appears more intuitive.
LastBinCenter StopMem + MemBandWidth/2
BinWidth MemBandWidth  
WindowLength MemWindows Preferably specified in seconds using an "s" or "ms" suffix to its value.
EvaluationsPerBin MemBandWidth/deltaMem Avoid accidental misconfigurations, allow for reasonable default value.

Normalizer (renamed from NormalFilter/StatFilter)

NormalizerOffsets XMean, YMean These are now lists of values, allowing for any number of dimensions in the control signal.
NormalizerGains XGain, YGain
OffsetAdaptation, GainAdaptation XTrendControl, YTrendControl
BufferLength SignalWinLth The length is now given as a time value, i.e. in seconds (if specified with an "s") or blocks (if specified as a raw number).
UpdateTrigger   A boolean condition that indicates when offset/gain values should be updated.
BufferConditions BaselineCfg Conditions may now be boolean expressions involving State values.


EpochLength NumSamplesInERP Consistent with the Normalizer filter, buffer length is now specified as a time value, i.e. in seconds if specified with an "s", or blocks if specified as a raw number.
EpochsToAverage NumERPsToAverage  

LinearClassifier (renamed from ClassFilter)

Classifier MUD, MLR The Classifier matrix parameter is now a sparse representation of a multiplication matrix. Each row corresponds to a non-null entry, and contains 4 columns: input channel, input element (e.g., frequency), output channel, weight.
  ClassMode Retained only previous ClassMode value of 1.

Application Modules

WindowWidth WinWidth  
WindowHeight WinHeight  
WindowLeft WinXpos  
WindowTop WinYpos  
MinRunLength (TimeLimit)s Consistently with other time values, this is now given in blocks. Use an optional "s" to indicate a value in seconds.

StimulusPresentation (renamed from P3AV)

Stimuli Matrix  
NumberOfSequences NumberOfSeq Common parameters are now named consistently across P3 Speller and StimulusPresentation applications.
PreSequenceDuration PreSequenceTime
PostSequenceDuration PostSequenceTime
StimulusDuration OnTime These are now lists of values, allowing to configure durations individually for each stimulus. When there are less entries than stimuli, the last list entry will be used repeatedly.
ISIMinDuration OffTime + MinInterTime
ISIMaxDuration OffTime + MaxInterTime

P3 Speller

TestMode P3TestMode  
TargetDefinitions TargetDefinitionMatrix  
IconHighlightMode IconHighlight  
IconHighlightFactor HighlightFactor  
InterpretMode OnlineMode Common parameters are now named consistently across P3 Speller and StimulusPresentation applications.
DisplayResults ResultDisplay
PreSequenceDuration PreSetInterval
PostSequenceDuration PostSetInterval
StimulusDuration OnTime
ISIMinDuration OffTime
DestinationAddress DestinationIPAddress This is actually an IP:port combination.
TextWindowLeft TextWinXpos Naming consistency with application window properties.
TextWindowTop TextWinYpos
TextWindowWidth TextWinWidth
TextWindowHeight TextWinHeight
TextWindowFontName TextWinFontName
TextWindowFontSize TextWinFontSize

Cursor Task (renamed from D3Box Task)

ResultDuration RewardDuration  
CameraPos [CameraX CameraY CameraZ]/32767*100 Combined into a vector (list of 3 values). We also use the same 0..100 coordinate range throughout.
CameraAim [CameraAimX CameraAimY CameraAimZ]/32767*100
LightSource [LightSourceX LightSourceY LightSourceZ]/32767*100
LightSourceColor LightSourceR<<16 + LightSourceG<<8 + LightSourceB Combined into an RGB value.
CursorStartPos [StartCursorX StartCursorY StartCursorZ] Combined into a vector.

RGB Colors

Previously, RGB colors followed the binary layout of MS Windows little endian style color values: 0xBbGgRr, such that a value of 0xFF0000 would define a blue color. This was counterintuitive and different from the convention adopted by the HTML standard.

From Version 2.0, RGB colors follow the HTML convention: 0xRrGgBb, e.g. 0xFF0000 for bright red.