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The LPFilter is a simple single-pole temporal low pass filter with a time constant T (given in units of a sample's duration), a sequence S_{in,t} as input and a sequence S_{out,t} as output (where t is a sample index proportional to time), and obeying

S_{out, 0} = \left( 1-e^{-1/T} \right) S_{in, 0}

S_{out, t} = e^{-1/T} S_{out, t-1} + \left( 1-e^{-1/T} \right) S_{in, t}

Typically, the LPFilter would be used to remove high-frequency noise from the Classifier's output.



The filter's time constant in units of sample blocks, or in seconds if followed with an "s".

Consistent with its mathematical limit, a value of
LPTimeConstant= 0
disables the LPFilter.



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