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In the BCI2000 Wiki, it is possible to have video content embedded into Wiki pages. It makes use of a mediawiki extension by Christopher Ottley.

The embedded FlowPlayer movie player is a Flash applet, and will work on any browser that has a recent Flash player plugin installed.

To add a video to a Wiki page, you need to

  • Transcode it into FLV format,
  • Upload it into the Wiki using "Upload file" from the "Toolbox" area to the left,
  • Add a reference to the movie into your Wiki page.

Transcoding a Video

Videos must be transcoded into FLV Flash Video Format before they can be used for the Wiki.

We provide a Win32 executable of the ffmpeg transcoder program. After downloading, open a command shell, and transcode your video using a shell command as in

p:\ath\to\ffmpeg.exe -i yourvideo.avi -f flv yourvideo.flv

A MacOS X build (PPC) of ffmpeg is also available.


On the Special:Upload page, enter the name of your video, and a short description. For large files, the upload may fail due to memory restrictions. In that case, please contact an administrator for help.


Basically, the syntax for embedding a video is

<flvplayer height="240" width="320">yourvideo.flv</flvplayer>.

Note that your video will look best if the height and width values match the video's original height and width, or an integer fraction of it.

For a detailed description, and further information, see the FLVPlayer plugin's reference page.