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Patches contain modifications to the BCI2000 source code that may affect a few files, or many. Typically, such modifications are made in order to add some configuration option to a BCI2000 module, or you make a small modification to an analysis tool in order to make it easier to use. Patches are shared in form of text files that contain the differences between the unchanged source code, and your modified source code.

To download a patch, right-click its "Download" link below, and choose "Save file" or similar. Otherwise, the patch will be displayed as text in a browser window.

Instructions how to apply a downloaded patch may be found at Programming Reference:Patches. There, it is also explained how to add your own patch to this wiki page.


  • Author:
  • Original SVN revision: 4234
  • Obsolete since SVN revision: 4259 -- this patch's functionality has been added to BCI2000 in a more general form.

This patch adds a configuration option to the StimulusPresentation application. When a "KeyToAdvance" row is added to the "Stimuli" matrix, then the entries in this row represent keys that must be pressed in order for the presentation to advance from the stimulus associated with that key. Without the proper key press, presentation will wait indefinitely.


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