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FilterGUI is a Matlab-based GUI application that allows to apply high pass/low pass/notch filtering to existing BCI2000 data files.




Version History

Initial version.

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 2815
  • Tested under: 2815
  • Known to compile under: N/A
  • Broken since: N/A

Functional Description


The FilterGUI application will apply high pass, low pass, and notch filter settings to existing data files. To use it, make sure that the BCI2000/tools/mex directory is in the Matlab path. Then, change directory to the FilterGUI directory, and execute FilterGUI.m. Filter settings are selected from the GUI, and applied to a set of files by clicking the Apply to files... button. Resulting files will exist in the original files' location, and will have "filtered" appended to their filename before the .dat extension.

For high pass filtering, the FilterGUI application uses a 1st order Butterworth filter. It uses a 2nd order Butterworth filter for low pass filtering, and a 2x2nd order Chebychev bandstop filter for notch filtering between 0.9 and 1.1 times the notch filter frequency.

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