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To create a wiki page for your own contribution, you may follow these steps:

  1. Log into the wiki using your BCI2000 SVN account.
  2. Create a new wiki page with the Contributions: name prefix, followed with the name of your contribution.
    E.g., if your contribution is called TachyonADC, then the wiki page should be named Contributions:TachyonADC.
  3. Copy-and-paste the wiki code given below into your new page, and modify it to fit your needs.
  4. Go to the Contributions:Contents page, and pick a category that applies to your contribution. On that category's page, add a link to your wiki page, followed with a very short summary.
(Shortly describe what your contribution does, and what the user 
might use it for.)

(Provide a link to the source code directory in the following form:)

(Enter author and contact information as you feel appropriate.)
===Version History===
(Give a short list of changes when appropriate. The full history will always be recorded by SVN.)
===Source Code Revisions===
(In this section, indicate the BCI2000 source code revisions (changesets) 
that you used when developing your contribution, and information about 
testing/compilation. Adapt the list to your own needs. 
Hint: You obtain the revision of a source code repository by 
right-clicking its top level directory, and choosing "show log" from the 
TortoiseSVN submenu.)
*Initial development: XXXX
*Tested under: YYYY
*Known to compile under: ZZZZ
*Broken since: UUUU

==Functional Description==
(Give a full description of what your contribution does. If the user 
needs to perform additional installation steps, add an "Installation" 

(If the contribution is an ADC, signal processing filter, or application 
module, then a description of each parameter should follow as indicated 
by the examples. For other types of contributions, omit this section.
When parameter names are formatted as subheadings as in the example below,
parameter documentation will be also be recognized by the help 
system, i.e. it will be accessible through the operator module's help button.)
Description of the ''SomeParameter'' parameter.
Description of the ''AnotherParameter'' parameter.

(If the contribution is an ADC, signal processing filter, or application 
module, then a description of each state should follow. For other types of 
contributions, omit this section.)