Automatic Installation For Non-Windows

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  • Subversion
  • Qt (note: Qt version 5 works the best on non-windows platforms)

Downloading the Source Code

First, make sure that you have registered with BCI2000 (see Programming_Howto:Register_with_BCI2000_Project). Then run

svn checkout <your install location>

Installing BCI2000

Open your BCI2000 directory in a finder or file viewer window. Next, double click the file named


It should open a new terminal window and prompt you for your qt installation location. Drag and drop your qt installation folder into the terminal window and press enter. Next, it will find the dependencies that it needs or install them automatically, if you do not have them. Finally, it will automatically build the project. When the script is finished running, your prog folder in your BCI2000 directory should have been filled with executable files.