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The gUSBampADC filter acquires data from a Unicorn EEG amplifier. Unicorn is an amplifier/digitizer combination from g.tec medical engineering GmbH/Guger Technologies OEG (

Unicorn Hardware

The Unicorn consists of 8 independent 24-bit A/D converters that sample with 250Hz per channel. In addition, the Unicorn features a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. The data is transmitted wirelessly via a Bluetooth 2.1 interface. Since the Unicorn device itself does not offer hardware filters the Source Filter module is enabled to provide filtering capabilities.




Samples per channel per digitized block. Together with the sampling rate, this parameter determines how often per second data are collected, processed, and feedback is updated. For example, at 600 Hz sampling and a SampleBlockSize of 20, the system (e.g., source signal display, signal processing, and stimulus presentation) would be updated 30 times per second.


The Unicorn has a fixed sampling rate of 250 Hz.


Number of channels to be acquired from the device. if this parameter is set to auto, the number of channels will be determined by the SourceChannelList or ChannelNames respectively.


The list of channels that should be acquired from each device. The total number of channels listed should correspond to SourceCh if it is not set to auto. The order of channels does not matter; i.e., '1 2 3 4' is the same as '2 3 1 4'. Channels may not be listed twice; e.g., entering '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1' will result in an error. If this parameter is set to auto, the channels are equal to SourceCh in ascending order.


SourceChGain should be set to auto.


SourceChOffset should be set to auto.


Alias for each Channel. If ChannelNames are set to auto, the names will be set according to the standard positions defined by the Unicorn. If ChannelNames are set manually, a name must be assigned for each channel specified in SourceChannelList.



The Counter is incremented with every received sample during data acquisition.


X coordinate of the three-axis accelerometer.


Y coordinate of the three-axis accelerometer.


Z coordinate of the three-axis accelerometer.


X coordinate of the three-axis gyroscope.


Y coordinate of the three-axis gyroscope.


Z coordinate of the three-axis gyroscope.


Battery charge in percent.


The validation state indicates if samples were lost during data acquisition.

See also

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