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User reference information helps you configure and perform experiments with BCI2000, using the executables that come with its binary distribution. For information about how to modify existing filters, or develop your own from scratch, see the Programming Reference section.

In the user reference section, information is available about the following topics:

Using the Online System

Configuring the Online System

  • BCI2000 Filters: Any BCI2000 configuration consists of different filters in the Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, and Application module. These filters determine what device BCI2000 acquires data from, what data format it uses for data storage, which feature extraction and translation algorithms it uses to translate brain signals into device commands, and which kind of user feedback is provided. This page gives an overview of all filters that are currently available in the BCI2000 distribution.
  • User Reference:Parameters provides an index of configuration parameters present in BCI2000 components.
  • User Reference:States provides an index of state variables present in BCI2000 components.

Using BCI2000 Tools