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BCI2000 Offline Analysis is a tool for finding useful features in EEG and ECoG data. OfflineAnalysis.png

Installing and Running

In order to run BCI2000 Offline Analysis you'll need a system running either Windows XP or 2000. If your system meets this requirement, please choose from one of the following:

Systems with MATLAB v7.0 or greater installed

Startup Script

If you have not yet opened MATLAB, the easiest way to run BCI2000 Offline Analysis is to double click the OfflineAnalysis.bat file that resides in tools/OfflineAnalysis/

From the MATLAB command line

If MATLAB is already running, navigate to tools/OfflineAnalysis/ using the Current Directory explorer or typing the absolute path into the textbox at the top of the MATLAB window. Then, type OfflineAnalysis at the MATLAB command prompt in order to start analyzing your data.

Systems that do not have MATLAB installed or with versions that predate MATLAB v7.0

  1. Install the MATLAB Component Runtime
    1. In an explorer window, navigate to tools/OfflineAnalysis/binaries/Windows.
    2. Double click MCRInstaller.exe to launch the MATLAB Component Runtime installer.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Navigate to tools/OfflineAnalysis/binaries/Windows
  3. Double-click OfflineAnalysis.exe to start analyzing your data.