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BCI2000 user registration

As of Feb 3, 2017, the BCI2000 web site switched to a new user registration system, with a new User Registration Page.

The main reason for introducing the new system has been the large number of spamming accounts on the BCI2000 BBS, and the amount of restrictions necessary to discourage spamming activity on BBS forums. Once the new system has proven to keep spammers from registering, we hope to be able to re-activate useful BBS functionality such as posting images, using hyperlinks, etc.

With the new system, a central database is used to handle user authentication for all parts of the BCI2000 website. Access to the source code is granted depending on whether a user agreed to the GPL or not. Agreeing to the GPL is possible both at registration time, and later, through an option on the user's settings page. Changing user passwords, as well as recovering access to a user account after password loss, are now possible as well.

Existing BCI2000 accounts have been migrated to the new database.


User rights depend on whether a user has agreed to the GPL, or not. By default, only posting on the BBS is possible. A user who agreed to the GPL will have these additional rights:

  • Editing the documentation wiki,
  • Submitting bug reports,
  • Read access to the source code.

If you need more privileges, e.g. if you would like to submit a contribution, please contact an administrator.

Resetting/recovering a password

Passwords are stored in encrypted form, thus there is no way to recover a lost password. If you lost your password, you may use the "Reset Password" option from the Registration Page.