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Creating a user account by agreeing to the GPL

Access to BCI2000 is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL). To obtain a BCI2000 user account, you may agree to the terms of the GPL, and sign up as a BCI2000 user, on this page. Once there exists a user account for your lab, this account may be used to create further accounts for users affiliated with your lab.

NOTE: BCI2000 user accounts, as discussed on this page, are independent of user accounts for the BCI2000 Community Forum. There, anyone interested in BCI2000 may create a user account. Also, you will need to create your own Community Forum account in order to post on the forum, even if you already have your own BCI2000 user account. An exception to this is when you selected "Create user account on the BBS" during the registration process. Then, a forum account with the same name and password as the BCI2000 user account has been created for you. Still, when you change your password in the BBS environment, your BCI2000 user account's password will be unaffected.

Creating additional accounts for your lab

To simplify account management and provide as many user accounts as necessary, we provide a web interface for account creation. Everyone with a BCI2000 user account may create new accounts as he or she needs them, e.g., to supply new team members with individual accounts without going through the signup process.

Creating an additional account

Please go to and log in with your user name and password. From there, follow the instructions to create as many user accounts as you need. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you create an account for each member of your lab who might submit a BCI2000 bug report.


Default user rights

By default, a new user account will have these rights:

  • Editing the documentation wiki,
  • Submitting bug reports,
  • Read access to the source code.

If you need additional user rights, e.g. if you would like to submit a contribution, please contact an administrator.

Resetting/recovering a password

Passwords are stored in encrypted form, thus there is no way to recover a lost password. If you lost your password, please ask an administrator to create a new password for you.