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(Problem with IP/Port parameters when running and executable after building it.)
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As of January 2010, the following information on this page is outdated:

  • It is no longer necessary to download and install Qt, as BCI2000 comes with a stripped-down version of Qt and its runtime libraries.
  • For MSVC compilers, a runtime version of Qt is provided, so it is no longer necessary to compile Qt when using an MSVC compiler.
  • Differences found between data files in the regression test: BCI2000 comes with its own random number generator to ensure consistent random number generation across repeated runs, and for different runtime libraries. This random number generator allows to specify a random seed value in the RandomSeed BCI2000 parameter. Thus, there should not be any differences in the regression test except for time stamps, which are ignored anyway.
  • The Release/Debug directory issue with MSVC has been solved using the CMake prefix hack.

Mellinger 13:42, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

The page has been updated to reflect the changes listed above. Mellinger 14:50, 19 February 2010 (UTC)

Problem with IP/Port parameters when running and executable after building it.


i have followed the tutorial and after it i obtained an executable which i tought should fit well, but no.

I downloaded VS 2012, executed build/Make VS2012 Project Files and followed the instructions in the CMD.

After this i opened the BCI2000.sln with visual studio, selected the module i wanted (in this case application/P3speller), right clicked and built.

Then i went to prog directory, got the generated "p3speller.exe" and placed it with other core modules (i replaced original p3speller.exe). I then executed a .batch which used that module (P3Speller_signalgenerator.bat).

It all seemed to work, but when i clicked on set config i got an error related to ports:

2016-09-07T18:52:16 - SignalProcessing: ApplicationIP/Port parameters not available. 2016-09-07T18:52:16 - DataIOFilter::Preflight: Parameter "ApplicationIP" does not exist. 2016-09-07T18:52:36 - P3Speller: Connection to previous module timed out after 20s.

Afterwards i tried to a similar thing but building 3 modules the same time. I built the 3 modules included in the P3Speller_signalgenerator.bat ( SignalGenerator, P3SignalProcessing and P3Speller ).

I got this error when i tried to set config after running the .bat:

2016-09-07T19:10:32 - SignalGenerator: Next module's IP/Port parameters not available. 2016-09-07T19:10:32 - Operator set configuration 2016-09-07T19:10:32 - P3SignalProcessing: Next module's IP/Port parameters not available. 2016-09-07T19:10:32 - P3Speller: Next module's IP/Port parameters not available. 2016-09-07T19:10:32 - SignalSource confirmed new parameters ... 2016-09-07T19:10:32 - SignalGenerator: Lost connection to SignalProcessing: Unknown error state.

So, ¿What am i doing wrong? ¿Why do port parameters fail when i try to use a built module? Also, the file i built was not modified from the original one (i just wanted to test if building process was correct).