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BCI2000 supports a variety of data acquisition systems, brain signals, and study/feedback paradigms. During operation, BCI2000 stores data in a common format (BCI2000 native or GDF), along with all relevant event markers and information about system configuration. BCI2000 also includes several tools for data import/conversion (e.g., a routine to load BCI2000 data files directly into Matlab) and export facilities into ASCII. BCI2000 also facilitates interactions with other software. For example, Matlab scripts can be executed in real-time from within BCI2000, or BCI2000 filters can be compiled to execute as stand-alone programs. Furthermore, a simple network-based interface allows for interactions with external programs written in any programming language. For example, a robotic arm application that is external to BCI2000 may be controlled in real time based on brain signals processed by BCI2000, or BCI2000 may use and store along with brain signals behavioral-based inputs such as eye-tracker coordinates. BCI2000 requires any of the supported data acquisition systems listed above. We provide BCI2000 with full source code and all executables, which run on most current PCs running Microsoft Windows. We provide the complete source code to the BCI2000 system. Compilation supports Borland C++ Builder 6.0 or Borland/CodeGear Development Studio 2007/2009 (all BCI2000 versions), VisualStudio, and MinGW (BCI2000 V3.0).

Data Acquisition Systems

Hardware Support g.USBamp g.MOBIlab g.MOBIlab+ Bluetooth (g.tec) Support Through User Contributions A/D Converter Boards Data Translations, Inc. National Instruments, Inc. Measurement Computing, Inc. Modular-EEG Systems Amplifiers/Digitizers Tucker-Davis Pentusa Biosemi BioRadio 150 (Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.) Refa System (TMSi, Inc.) Enobio Ripple Grapevine Neurosky Emotiv EPOC EEG Systems Neuroscan, Inc. BrainAmp, V-Amp, QuickAmp (Brain Products) Micromed EEG Systems Electrical Geodesics Amp Server Viasys MEG Systems Scanners from CTF, Inc. Miscellaneous Virtual Device (i.e., Function Generator) for testing purposes

Brain Signals

Supported Brain Signals Slow Cortical Potentials (SCPs) Evoked Potentials Potentials EEG mu/beta Rhythms (ERD/ERS) (2 methods) ECoG Oscillations Single-Neuron Action Potentials


Feedback Applications 3D Cursor Movement Task Auditory + Visual Stimulus Presentation incl. Real-Time Feedback P300 Matrix Speller

User Contributions 4-Choice Speller 2D Robotic Arm Control (RCS-6, Robix, Inc.) Slow-Cortical Potential Spelling Paradigm Visual-C++ (MFC) Demo Application

User Interface Devices Joystick Mouse Keyboard 7/14-Sensor Data Glove (Fifth Dimension Technologies, Inc.) Tobii Eye Trackers Nintendo Wii controller National Instruments MX boards to acquire analog/digital input in addition to the main data acquisition device