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PsychoPy is an open-source application using which a large number of neuroscience, psychology and psychophysics experiments can be performed.[1] This documentation described how to integrate BCI2000 in PsychoPy and its usage.
== BCI2000 and PyschoPy ==
This section first describes the two components that are developed to remotely start BCI2000 using the PsychoPy
=== Components ===
=== Integrating BCI2000 into PyschoPy ===
Download the PsychoPy from the [https://www.psychopy.org/download.html PyschoPy] website. <br/>
Copy the following two folders '''BCIStart''' and '''BCIUpdateState''' in the folder {$PsychoPyHome}\psychopy\experiment\components.
Open terminal and navigate to the PsychoPy home directory where ''setup.py'' resides.
Run the following command in the terminal: <br/>
<code>pip install -e .</code>
Start Psychopy application and in the builder view, under the Custom Components, you should see the two new components - ''BCI2000Start'' and ''BCI2000UpdateState'' as shown in the figure below.
== Usage ==
== References ==
* [https://www.psychopy.org/ PsychoPy site]

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