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A StatusBar is a GraphObject that consists of two stacked text fields, separated with a separator bar.

The top field is termed GoalText, and the bottom field is termed ResultText. For an empty GoalText, ResultText occupies the top as well, and the separator bar is not displayed.



To the constructor, provide the target GraphDisplay.


string GoalText (rw)

The text displayed in the status bar's top GoalText field.

string ResultText (rw)

The text displayed in the status bar's bottom ResultText field.

float TextHeight (rw)

Text height, given in units of a single line's height. Typical text height values are between 0.6 and 0.8.

RGBColor TextColor (rw)

The text's color.

RGBColor Color (rw)

The status bar's background color.

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