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File:SignalSharingDemo1.PNG|Client application waiting for data
File:SignalSharingDemo1.PNG|Client application waiting for data
File:SignalSharingDemo2.PNG|Client application displayiing data
File:SignalSharingDemo2.PNG|Client application displaying data

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The SignalSharingDemo signal processing module demonstrates how to share signal data with an external application, using shared memory.


The SignalSharingDemoFilter signal processing filter derives from GenericFilter.


The SignalSharingDemoFilter shares its input signal through a GenericSignal object which has been linked to a shared memory block using GenericSignal::ShareAcrossModules(). A dedicated thread waits for signal updates, and sends signal data out to a separate application waiting on a TCP/IP connection.

When the client application is running on a separate machine, full signal data are sent over the network. When the client is running on the same machine, only a reference to a shared memory block is sent. On the application side, unserializing the signal will transparently bind it to the shared memory block if available.

The client application visualizes signal data by plotting normalized signals on a circle.



IP address and port number of the client application.

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