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In oder to build BCI2000 for the x64 (Windows 64-bit) target, you will need to manually perform a number of steps.

Install Qt for x64

Rather than building BCI2000 against the Qt distribution coming with its source code, you will need to install a separate version of Qt on your machine. The following steps have been tested with Qt 4.6.3.

  1. Download and install a recent version of Qt.
  2. Add your Qt installation's qt/bin directory to the system search path.
  3. From the Start menu, open the Visual Studio x64 Command Prompt.
  4. Cd to your Qt installation's qt directory, and execute the following command:
configure -static 
  1. Compile Qt by executing nmake.

Generate the Visual Studio Solution file

From your BCI2000 installation's src/build directory, execute the "Make VS2008 Win64 Project Files" batch file. After successful execution, you will have a Visual Studio solution file ready to compile BCI2000.


You cannot build BCI2000 modules that depend on 32-bit libraries, as do most source modules.

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