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BCI2000 Source Code

The BCI2000 source code is managed with the help of Subversion.

Subversion (or SVN) uses the HTTP-based [Wikipedia:WebDAV] protocol, so even web browsers may be used as clients, although a true SVN client software is required to access all features of the versioning system.

Browsing the Repository Online

It is possible to browse the source code repository using Trac: source:trunk.

TortoiseSVN Client

For Win32 platforms, we recommend TortoiseSVN, a SVN client integrated into the Explorer shell.

This wiki provides instructions about the setup and use of TortoiseSVN:

* [wiki:SetupTortoiseSVN],
* [wiki:UseTortoiseSVN].

For questions related to the BCI2000 SVN source tree, mail to juergen.mellinger AT or schalk AT