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Ask for a User Account

Go to the main BCI2000 wiki page, and click "Create a User Account".

BCI2000 registration 1-1886.png

Enter your desired user name, and a valid email address.

BCI2000 registration 2-2199.png

An activation email will be sent to your email address.

BCI2000 registration 3-2218.png

Activate your User Account

Click the link in the activation email.

BCI2000 registration 4-2228.png

Enter user information and desired password, then click "Proceed with license agreement".

BCI2000 registration 6-2238.png

Scroll down to view the GPL ...

BCI2000 registration 7-2245.png

... and check "I agree to the GPL" before continuing.

BCI2000 registration 9-2257.png

Enter some information about your scientific affiliation, if applicable. Then, click "Register" or "Register Academic User", whichever fits.

BCI2000 registration 10-2264.png

Click "OK" to dismiss the registration page.

BCI2000 registration 11-2270.png

Next step

As a next step, learn how to download the BCI2000 sourcecode.

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