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Download the TortoiseSVN installer from

Run the installer:

TortoiseSVN 2-1985.png

Don't forget to install command line client tools:

TortoiseSVN 3-1990.png

This will allow you to later check the build number and run various commands.

Click "Finish" to dismiss the installer dialog:

TortoiseSVN 4-2001.png


Download the CMake installer from The latest release to date is 3.22.3, but most recent versions should work.

Run the installer:

CMake 2-2013.png

Choose "Add to path for all users":

CMake 3-2019.png

Follow the installation instructions. Click "Finish" to dismiss the installer dialog:

CMake 4-2025.png


Download the VisualStudio Community installer from BCI2000 compilation will work with VS2017, VS2019 or VS2022 but does not work with VS2015 or below.
*Note that BCI2000 is most frequently tested with VS2019.

Run the installer:

Install vs2017 community 1.png

Make sure to install the C++ compiler:

Install vs2017 community 2.png


Download the Qt open source installer from

Use the "go open source" link to download a version of qt available for open source software:

Qt installer 1-2.PNG

Download the Qt online installer:

Qt installer 2-2.PNG

Run the installer:

Qt installer 1.png

If you do not already have an account, follow the steps to create one:

Qt installer account.PNG

Agree to the open source obligations, and click "Next" to continue:

Qt installer open source obligations.PNG

Click "Next" to start the installation:

Qt installer 3.png

Choose a directory, and click "Next" to continue:

Qt installer 4.png

Qt Versioning

Choose a Qt version that is consistent with the version of VisualStudio you downloaded earlier. Another consideration is the framework you wish to build BCI2000 with. For example, in this tutorial, we are compiling for the 2019 Visual Studio on a 64 bit system, make sure you select MSVC 2019 64-bit, which is demonstrated in the photo below. If you're using Visual Studio 2017 find the latest version of Qt that supports Visual Studio 2017 for whatever architecture you want to build BCI2000 on and install that version of Qt. Note that VisualStudio 2017 is binary compatible with VisualStudio 2015, so you may use the MSVC2015 32-bit package for a 32bit build using VisualStudio 2017.

Qt installer 5.png

Agree to the License Agreement, and click "Next" to continue:

Qt installer 6.png

Click "Next" when prompted for Start Menu shortcuts:

Qt installer 7.png

Click "Install" to download and install Qt files:

Qt installer 8.png

Progress will be indicated during installation.

Qt installer 9.png

Installation may take a long time.

Qt installer 10.png

Uncheck "Launch Qt Creator" before clicking "Finish":

Qt installer 11.png

Next step

As a next step, learn how to register with the BCI2000 Project.

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