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[[Programming Howto:Building and Customizing BCI2000]]
[[Programming Howto:Building and Customizing BCI2000]]

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Download TortoiseSVN installer from tortoisesvn.net

Run installer

TortoiseSVN 2-1985.png

Don't forget to install command line client tools

TortoiseSVN 3-1990.png

TortoiseSVN 4-2001.png


Download CMake installer from cmake.org

Run installer

CMake 2-2013.png

Choose "Add to path for all users"

CMake 3-2019.png

CMake 4-2025.png


Download VisualStudio Community installer from visualstudio.com

Run installer

Install vs2017 community 1.png

Make sure to install the C++ compiler

Install vs2017 community 2.png


Download the open source installer from www.qt.io

Run installer

Qt installer 1.png

Click "Skip" when prompted for a Qt account

Qt installer 2.png

Qt installer 3.png

Qt installer 4.png

Choose a Qt version that is consistent with the version of VisualStudio you downloaded earlier

Qt installer 5.png

Qt installer 6.png

Qt installer 7.png

Qt installer 8.png

Qt installer 9.png

Installation may take a long time

Qt installer 10.png

Uncheck "Launch Qt Creator" before clicking "Finish"

Qt installer 11.png

Next Step

As a next step, learn how to register with the BCI2000 Project.

See also

Programming Howto:Building and Customizing BCI2000