Programming Howto:Download the BCI2000 Sourcecode

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Choose a checkout directory

Right-click a Windows explorer window, and choose "SVN Checkout..." from the context menu. Use as the repository URL.

SVN 3-2294.png.png

Enter the desired checkout directory in the dialog that comes up.

SVN 4-2294.png

Enter user name and password

When prompted, enter user name and password as chosen in the registration step. Check "Save authentication" if you don't like to enter your credentials each time you check out or update BCI2000.

SVN 3-2315.png

Wait for the checkout to complete

A list of files will scroll by while the source code is downloaded.

SVN 4-2326.png

Once the download has been finished, click "OK" to dismiss the checkout dialog.

SVN 5-2333.png

Next step

As a next step, learn how to configure BCI2000 for compilation.

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