Programming Howto:Building and Customizing BCI2000

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Install prerequisites


Download TortoiseSVN installer from

Run installer

TortoiseSVN 2-1985.png

Don't forget to install command line client tools

TortoiseSVN 3-1990.png

TortoiseSVN 4-2001.png


Download CMake installer from

Run installer

CMake 2-2013.png

Choose "Add to path for all users"

CMake 3-2019.png

CMake 4-2025.png


Download VisualStudio Community installer from

Run installer

Install vs2017 community 1.png

Make sure to install the C++ compiler

Install vs2017 community 2.png


Download the open source installer from

Run installer

Qt installer 1.png

Click "Skip" when prompted for a Qt account

Qt installer 2.png

Qt installer 3.png

Qt installer 4.png

Choose a Qt version that is consistent with the version of VisualStudio you downloaded earlier

Qt installer 5.png

Qt installer 6.png

Qt installer 7.png

Qt installer 8.png

Qt installer 9.png

Qt installer 10.png

Uncheck "Launch Qt Creator" before clicking "Finish"

Qt installer 11.png

Register with BCI2000 Project

BCI2000 registration 1-1886.png

BCI2000 registration 2-2199.png

BCI2000 registration 3-2218.png

BCI2000 registration 4-2228.png

BCI2000 registration 6-2238.png

BCI2000 registration 7-2245.png

BCI2000 registration 9-2257.png

BCI2000 registration 10-2264.png

BCI2000 registration 11-2270.png

Download the BCI2000 source code

SVN 1-2294.png

SVN 2-2305.png

Enter user name and password as chosen in the registration step

SVN 3-2315.png

SVN 4-2326.png

SVN 5-2333.png

Configure BCI2000 for compilation

Use cmake 1.PNG

Use cmake 2.PNG

Use cmake 3.PNG

Use cmake 4.PNG

Use cmake 5.PNG

Use cmake 6.PNG

Use cmake 7.PNG

Use cmake 8.PNG

Use cmake 9.PNG

Use cmake 10.PNG

Compile BCI2000

Use vs2017 0.png

Use cmake 10.PNG

Use vs2017 1.png

Use vs2017 2.png

Use vs2017 3.png

Use vs2017 4.png

Use vs2017 5.png