Programming Howto:Building and Customizing BCI2000

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Install prerequisites

Programming Howto:Install Prerequisites

Register with BCI2000 Project

Go to the main BCI2000 wiki page, and click "Create a User Account"

BCI2000 registration 1-1886.png

Enter your desired user name, and a valid email address

BCI2000 registration 2-2199.png

An activation email will be sent to your email address

BCI2000 registration 3-2218.png

Click the link in the activation email

BCI2000 registration 4-2228.png

Enter user information and desired password, then click "Proceed with license agreement"

BCI2000 registration 6-2238.png

Scroll down to view the GPL, and check "I agree to the GPL" before continuing

BCI2000 registration 7-2245.png

Enter some information about your scientific affiliation, if applicable

BCI2000 registration 9-2257.png

BCI2000 registration 10-2264.png

BCI2000 registration 11-2270.png

Download the BCI2000 source code

SVN 1-2294.png

Choose a checkout directory

SVN 2-2305.png

Enter user name and password as chosen in the registration step

SVN 3-2315.png

SVN 4-2326.png

SVN 5-2333.png

Configure BCI2000 for compilation

Double-click "" in your BCI2000 build directory

Use cmake 1.PNG

Tell CMake which Qt installation to use

Use cmake 2.PNG

Enter the path to a Qt directory that is consistent with the compiler you are going to use

Use cmake 3.PNG

Click "Configure"

Use cmake 4.PNG

Choose a generator that is consistent with the Qt directory chosen above

Use cmake 5.PNG

Use cmake 6.PNG

Choose build options...

Use cmake 7.PNG

... and which extensions to compile, before clicking "Generate"

Use cmake 8.PNG

Use cmake 9.PNG

Amongst other files created by CMake, your BCI2000 build directory will now contain a solution file

Use cmake 10.PNG

Compile BCI2000

Your BCI2000 "prog" folder does not contain any executables yet

Use vs2017 0.png

Open the solution file your BCI2000 "build" folder

Use cmake 10.PNG

The solution file in the VisualStudio IDE

Use vs2017 1.png

Switch the build type to "release"

Use vs2017 2.png

From the "build" menu, choose "Build solution"

Use vs2017 3.png

Once the build is finished, ...

Use vs2017 4.png

... your BCI2000 "prog" folder will contain a number of executables, one for each module

Use vs2017 5.png