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Getting Started with BCI2000

User Tutorials

Tutorial guides to your first successful experiments:

Introductions to data analysis and interpretation:

User Reference Manual

The User Reference Manual describes all details
of system configuration and usage:

  • Online System Reference,
  • Filters and Parameters,
  • BCI2000 Tools Reference.

Technical Reference

The Technical Reference Manual contains information on

  • BCI2000 Online System Design,
  • Transmission Protocol Definition,
  • External Interfaces.

Programming Reference

The Programming Reference provides developer information:

  • Accessing and Compiling the Source Code,
  • Filter Programming Interface,
  • Programming Tutorials.

The Building and Customizing Howto walks you through
the process of building and customizing BCI2000 from source.

System Features

Features supported by BCI2000:

Additional Information

BCI2000 Publications