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The g.HIamp is a 256 channel amplifier from g.tec. The contributed source module acquires raw signals from the amplifier in real time for use in BCI2000.




Griffin Milsap ( Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Version History

Version 0.9: August 2011

  • Supports one g.HIamp
  • Supports Filters
  • Referencing by any channel
  • Future compatible with g.HIamp master/slave configurations
  • Using g.HIamp C API version 1.11.02

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 3472
  • Tested under: 3763
  • Known to compile under: 3798
  • Broken since: --

Functional Description

Acquires raw data from the g.HIamp.


Compile the gHIampSource module using CMake and your compiler. The resulting gHIampSource.exe should be placed in the prog directory automatically.


  • SourceCh represents the total number of channels to be logged from the source module.
  • SampleBlockSize should be set equal to the size of the sample block pulled from the device.
  • SampleRate
  • ChannelNames
  • SourceChOffset
  • SourceChGain
  • DeviceIDMaster
  • DeviceIDs
  • RefChList
  • SourceChList
  • FilterEnabled
  • FilterHighPass
  • FilterLowPass
  • FilterModelOrder
  • FilterType
  • NotchEnabled
  • NotchHighPass
  • NotchLowPass
  • NotchModelOrder
  • NotchType
  • SourceBufferSize

See also

User Reference:Filters, Contributions:ADCs