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The g.HIamp is a 256 channel amplifier from g.tec. The contributed source module acquires raw signals from the amplifier in real time for use in BCI2000.





Griffin Milsap (griffin.milsap@gmail.com) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Version History

Version 0.9: August 2011

  • Supports one g.HIamp
  • Supports Filters
  • Referencing by any channel
  • Future compatible with g.HIamp master/slave configurations
  • Using g.HIamp C API version 1.11.02

Source Code Revisions

Functional Description

Acquires raw data from the g.HIamp.


Compile the gHIampSource module using CMake and your compiler. The resulting gHIampSource.exe should be placed in the prog directory automatically.


  • SourceCh
  • SampleBlockSize
  • SampleRate
  • ChannelNames
  • SourceChOffset
  • SourceChGain
  • DeviceIDMaster
  • DeviceIDs
  • RefChList
  • SourceChList
  • FilterEnabled
  • FilterHighPass
  • FilterLowPass
  • FilterModelOrder
  • FilterType
  • NotchEnabled
  • NotchHighPass
  • NotchLowPass
  • NotchModelOrder
  • NotchType
  • SourceBufferSize

See also

User Reference:Filters, Contributions:ADCs