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This module allows BCI2000 to collect data from Brain Vision's actiCHamp Plus amplifier. The actiCHamp Plus can be used with passive and active electrodes and is capable of reading from up to 160 channels. The amplifier also has 8 auxiliary channels for gathering data from additional sensors. The amplifier is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The amplifier is connected the computer running BCI2000 via USB. The amplifier module must be plugged into the battery pack to function correctly.

Note: This source module is only available on Windows Machines.

Known Issues

After the initial compile of the source module, there is sometimes an error that reads "No actiCHampPlus devices found. Try unplugging actiChampPlus and restarting BCI2000". To fix this error, go to BCI2000\src\contrib\SignalSource\actiCHampPlus\lib\dylib\<x64/x86>\, copy the file ActiChamp_<x64/x86>.dll and paste it in the BCI2000\prog directory. The file will already exist in that folder so when prompted, replace it.



Alex Belsten (

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 6037
  • Tested under: 6039
  • Known to compile under: 6064
  • Broken since: N/A



The number of channels that will be recorded from (EEG and auxiliary). Set this parameter to auto to automatically make the parameter equal to the TotalEEGChannels plus the number of elements in the AUXChList parameters.


Names of each channel.


List of auxiliary channels to use. This parameter also defines the order in which BCI2000 stores and presents data.


Total number of EEG channels to record from.


Number of samples that are transmitted at a time


Sampling at which the actiChamp is run. The actiChamp Plus can be run at three different frequencies: 10kHz, 50kHz and 100kHz.


Factor that decimates the hardware sampling rate. The hardware sampling rate is divided by this value to yeild the actual sampling rate. This parameter has seven values: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100.


This parameter is defined by hardware sample rate and sub sample divisor. This parameter should always be set to 'auto'.


Number of samples transmitted at a time.


Index of the actiChamp Plus. For systems with one actiChamp Plus device, this parameter should be 0.


1. Normal signal acquisition: Once connection to amplifier is established, data will be passed from the amplifier to BCI2000 normally.

2. Impedance measurement: Once connection to amplifier is established, BCI2000 will present the impedance for all channels. Data will then be passed from the amplifier to BCI2000 normally.

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