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NeuroSky Mindset Acquisition Module

Known Issues

Starting the source module without the device connected causes system lockup on "Set Config", requiring force quit of Neurosky.exe





Griffin Milsap (griffin.milsap@gmail.com)

Version History

Source Code Revisions

Functional Description

Acquires signal data from the NeuroSky Mindset. Device must first be connected and paired via Bluetooth.


Copy the Thinkgear.dll to the prog directory for the module to work.


  • The device has one channel, so SourceCh must be set to 1.
  • The device's sampling rate is 512Hz, so the SamplingRate parameter must be set to 512.
  • Ideally, the device has no DC offset, so SourceChOffset should be set to 0
  • SourceChGain must be set to the Neurosky's actual conversion factor: 0.2197.
  • COMPort is an enumerated parameter which allows you to select which COM port the device resides on. This can be found by looking through your bluetooth settings. It is also possible to set the COM port to a lower number, if the default COM port is over 16.


States regarding signal quality are in the works.

See also

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