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GenerateCalibration is a GUI application that determines amplifier calibration parameters from a recorded data file.




Gerwin Schalk, Wadsworth Center, NYSDOH.

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 96
  • Tested under: 412
  • Known to compile under: 1528
  • Broken since: --

Functional Description

The Calibgen program takes as input a BCI2000 data file containing a calibration signal. The user selects the desired channels. The output is a BCI2000 parameter file fragment. Click on the SelectInput button and the next window appears. Next select the output file. Then click on go.

The selected file name will contain a BCI2000 parameter file fragment similar to the following:

Filtering floatlist SourceChOffset= 5 245 -202 -86 -155 17 0 -500 500 // offset for channels in A/D units
Filtering floatlist SourceChGain= 5 0.00802 0.00806 0.00797 0.00805 0.00807 0.033 -500 500 // gain for each channel

This file can now be read into BCI2000 with the Load Parameters option.