BCI2000 Glossary

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Sample Block

BCI2000 processes data in chunks, which are called Sample Blocks, or Data Blocks. State variables are saved with each sample, but may only change once per sample block. Sample block size is configured through the SampleBlockSize parameter; often, ADC hardware imposes restrictions on sample block size.

The physical duration of a sample block is the inverse of the screen update rate, and determined by the ratio of sampling rate to sample block size.

Core Module

One of Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, and User Application Module. These are called core modules because they are involved in on-line processing, as opposed to the Operator Module, which controls operation, and passively displays data sent by core modules, but is not actively involved in processing.


A system-wide setting that is constant during a run. Parameters may be of varying type (numeric, string, etc.) and shape (single-valued, list, matrix).


A system-wide variable that may change during data processing, and is saved to file together with the current sample block.


A single executable that may act as Operator Module or one of the Core Modules.

Operator Module

The experimenter's user interface, from which the system is configured, started, and stopped.