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split_bcidat is a a command line tool that splits BCI2000 .dat files into a number of smaller BCI2000 .dat files. It can be used in order to work around the 2 GB file size limitation that applies for the load_bcidat mex file.

Note: The 2GB file size limit no longer applies for the load_bcidat mex file. Thus, this tool has become obsolete.




Version History

Initial version.

Source Code Revisions

  • Initial development: 2503
  • Tested under: 2503
  • Known to compile under: 2632
  • Broken since: N/A

Functional Description

split_bcidat will split a given BCI2000 .dat file into smaller files. Its command line syntax is

split_bcidat -s<output size in MB> <input file>

Output files will have the name of the input file, with P01, P02, ... appended to indicate which part of the original file a created file contains. Output file size may be specified by the -s option, with the size in MB immediately following the s character. When the -s option is omitted, output size defaults to 1GB.

Additional options are -v for verbose output, and -h for help.


The split_bcidat program should compile with any C++ compiler.

  • To compile it using the Borland compiler, execute make.
  • For gcc, use g++ -o split_bcidat split_bcidat.cpp.

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