Using strings in "Enter" column of TargetDefinitions Matrix

Known Issues and Problems with BCI2000
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Using strings in "Enter" column of TargetDefinitions Matrix

Post by ikara » 01 Jun 2011, 06:22

Hi, I'm using a gUSBamp and the p3speller with images instead of letters.
I've managed to calibrate the images, and everything seems to be working fine
except one thing. When the "Enter" column in the target definitions matrix contains a string
instead of a character, the system will produce just 1 or 2 sets of intensifications, regardless of the "TexttoSpell"

For example if i have let's say logos of car companies as my images, and the "enter" column in the TargetDefinitions Matrix is the company's name (with an empty space in the end, in order to distinguish it from the others e.g. "Mercedes ") and let's say that TextToSpell is "Mercedes Toyota Fiat Ford ", the system will generate only 1 or maybe 2 sets of intensifications (while it should generate as many as the car companies in this example which are 4) and then it will display the "TIME OUT!!!" message.
This happens only when I'm using strings, I tried using single characters representing companies and it worked fine.

I am currently using BCI2000 February 2011 Build, since the May 2011 has a bug and it's crashing.
info here:

The bug that caused BCI2000 to crash was fixed by Dr. Mellinger and the SVN Repository was updated, but I haven't been able to compile it due to my lack of programing skills, therefore i don't know whether the issue I describe in this post is present only in the Feb2011 version or in the May2011 as well.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Just updating the original post to say that I managed to compile the latest SVN (3299) and the problem when using strings in the "Enter" column of the TargetDefinitions matrix still remains. I will only get one full set of intensifications followed by the "TIME OUT!!!" message, no matter how many items i have in the "TextToSpell" field.

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Re: Using strings in "Enter" column of TargetDefinitions Mat

Post by mellinger » 03 Jun 2011, 09:35


this behavior was caused by a bug in the P3Speller--there was an implicit assumption that there existed a one-to-one correspondence between selections and letters written in copy mode.
This bug has been fixed in SVN revision 3306 (

Please update to the latest revision to get the fix. Thanks a lot for reporting the problem.

Best regards,


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