Problem when I connect to my NicoletOne

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Problem when I connect to my NicoletOne

Post by doilabedau1 » 14 Mar 2018, 05:30

Dear BCI2000 experts,

my aim was to make use of the SignalSource contribution for NicoletOne Amplifiers: ... NicoletOne

I have set up everything as described in the wiki and obviously the communication works since the acquisition parameters seem to be received generating messages of erroneous parameter settings (eg. sampling rate).
The whole set of software include:
+ NicVue 3.0.6
+ NicoletvEEG v5.82.0.3709 ( in 2012 )
However, when eliminating each of the configuration mismatches one final error remains:

DataIOFilter::Preflight: Expected a file writer filter instance to be present.

I don't see any possibility to fix this in the configuration dialog. Do you have an idea where the problem is originated?

Thank you for supporting me!!!

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