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Error after 'Set Config'

Posted: 02 Nov 2017, 05:47
by jditz
Dear Forum

I am facing a problem with BCI2000. My setup is rather simple. I am using the SignalGenerator module, the MatlabSignalProcessing module, and the DummyApplication module. BCI2000 is starting fine but when I specified my configurations and press the button 'Set Config', I get the following error message after a few seconds:

Error reading message of type 0x1027 (VisSignalProperties), nominal length: 66, read: 46
Status of input object: Good
Function: bci::MessageChannel::Handle()
File: C:\BCI2000.x64.extensions\src\shared\modules\MessageChannel.cpp
Line: 271
Canceling thread of type StateMachine.

I cannot find anything about that error online neither what this error means, nor where this error is thrown. Hopefully, some of you could point me into the right direction to solve this problem.