Interest of module to show cerebral activity of delimited band frequencies

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Interest of module to show cerebral activity of delimited band frequencies

Post by lsegura003 » 07 Dec 2016, 09:11


i have been developing a couple of modules for BCI2000 which could be of use for someone. One of them involves P300 experiment but instead of trying to predict a character, it predicts a movement reflected in the movement of a little man in a 2d animation. This is more like a curiosity that could work as a showcase and not much more.

Then we have a module based on matlabfilter which has been developed for Emotiv Epoc and shows cerebral activity between 3 (selectable) frequency bands in each electrode and shows a map with a mixture of colors in RGB depending on which frequency band is more powerful. Each of this bands have a Color assignated(red, green or blue) and then the mixture is done.

Here i have a couple of images: ... sp=sharing
For left row images we can see signal filtered between this three frequency bands (same signal with 3 different filters elevated to 2 (^2) as we are interested in power and no signal itself). In right side we have % of power they do represent in the conjuntion of 3 bands frequency ranges.

Then we have the map of a head which would show the color mixture for each electrode: ... sp=sharing

(Note images do not correspond to the same execution and have been generated from Signalgenerator module, so results from Emotiv module would be totally different)

This would actually only work with 14 or less channel systems, but i could expand it to indefined ammount of channels (i was thinking 64 to start) and perhaps make channels to be selectable instead of showing all of them (altough i limited each image to show just 7 as maximum).

This has been initially thought to help with motor imagery experiments bringing a visual feedback of cerebral activity. I have been able to detect some basic patrons (physical movement) with it, as some electrodes do have an energy peak at certain movements, but have not tried it with motor imagery already.

Is there any module which already does this in BCI2000? Would this help someone?

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