Target markers in BCILAB

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Target markers in BCILAB

Post by samhitha_95 » 27 Sep 2016, 07:58

After adding the channel location file for the data set ( obtained from physionet ) in eeglab , I manually changed the event type TargetCode to TargetCode_1 and TargetCode_2 corresponding to L and R movements respectively ( using edit > event values in eeglab ). However , after importing this resulting file into BCILAB , while training , I am encountering an error saying " This data set contains no trials for one of your target classes " although the "Inspectdata" option shows all the target markers correctly . Could someone please let me know , what I am missing here and how this issue could be sorted ? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Target markers in BCILAB

Post by chpseeg » 06 Feb 2017, 01:40

Try recording experiments with more data.

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