t-CWT a method for P300 feature extraction

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t-CWT a method for P300 feature extraction

Post by sandra2014 » 10 Oct 2014, 05:18

Hi , everyone.
I have read the article about feature extraction . "BCI Competition 2003—Data Sets Ib and IIb-Feature Extraction from ERP with the CWT and t-Value Scalogram" . And I want to realize the method provided in this article . But I have some problems .
1. In fact , I have met in many articles about "single-trials", but I don't exactly know what it refers to ?
Is the each P300 trial , that is ,the 180 intensification (15 12-trial blocks) ? or the data after averaged according to the NumberOfSequence ?
2. How to make the signals f(t) resampled on a logarithmic time scale by spline interpolation ,and low-pass filter signal f(t)' with a cutoff scale sc ?

I am confused about it for many days , anyone can help me ? Or provide some ideas about it ?
Thanks ,


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