Help for BCI2000 compliing !!!

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Help for BCI2000 compliing !!!

Post by lei84320123aaa » 04 Apr 2013, 04:36

In the last month, i used BCI2000 and Emotiv for P300spller successful.

But in the last week, my program(not BCI2000) cann't connect the EMOTIV Composer by port:;
then the all batfile in BCI2000\batch didn't work. there are some errors:
Could not open UDP port 4000 for listening.
so i re-download the source code through SVN, and followe the manuual : ... ng_BCI2000

to build BCI2000 on my PC(windows xp), but in the process, ten errors occured:

error C2664: “sendto”: cannot convert paramater 2 from “GrapeVineADC::GvBciCommand *” to “const char *” e:\Brain_Interface\BCI2000\BCI2000\src\contrib\SignalSource\Ripple\GrapeVineADC.cpp 227

error LNK2005: "long __cdecl _com_dispatch_propput(struct IDispatch *,long,unsigned short,...)" (?_com_dispatch_propput@@YAJPAUIDispatch@@JGZZ) already defined in comsupp.lib(comsupp.obj) comsuppwd.lib

and I run the test...bat, some errors occured:

013-04-04T16:19:06 - BCI2000 Started
2013-04-04T16:19:08 - Started "SignalGenerator"
2013-04-04T16:19:08 - StateMachine::EventLink::OnExecute: EventLink: Could not open UDP port 4000 for listening.
2013-04-04T16:19:11 - EventLink::Publish: Could not open UDP port 4001 for listening.
2013-04-04T16:19:11 - Started "SpectralSignalProcessing"
2013-04-04T16:19:15 - Waiting for configuration ...
2013-04-04T16:19:16 - Started "CursorTask"
2013-04-04T16:19:16 - Script error: E:\Brain_Interface\BCI2000\BCI2000\build\buildutils\tests\TestExecutables.bat, line 31: E:\Brain_Interface\BCI2000\BCI2000\build\buildutils\tests/RunTests.bciscript, line 44: E:\Brain_Interface\BCI2000\BCI2000\build\buildutils\tests/RunConfiguration.bciscript, line 42: Wait aborted
2013-04-04T16:19:19 - Waiting for configuration ...

who know these troubles?
thanks for reply!

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Re: Help for BCI2000 compliing !!!

Post by mellinger » 29 Apr 2013, 09:05


the compilation error in GrapeVineADC has been fixed in the meantime.

Regarding the errors with opening ports, I suggest that you
1) disable all firewall software on your machine,
2) reboot your machine,
3) try running BCI2000 again.



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