Using more modules at the same time

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Using more modules at the same time

Post by aro_slo » 05 Sep 2012, 07:22

Hello everyone,

I need to acquire signals from 2 devices: actiCHAmp amplifier and Fastrak Polhemus (a tracker system); the problem is that they work with different sampling rates which are not multiple. Can I use two Source module at the same time and if so, how can it be done?

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Re: Using more modules at the same time

Post by gschalk » 05 Sep 2012, 18:04

This is a common and general issue. For this issue, BCI2000 has the concept of loggers that comes in very handy. The idea is that you synchronously acquire data from the primary (usually) brain signal acquisition device, in your case the Brain Products amp, and then implement loggers that asynchronously poll from the user interface device and "inject" its input values into BCI2000 states. The joystick/mouse/keyboard/Eyetracker/NintendoWii logger are already implemented this way. Check the Wiki for information on how to implement loggers.


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