Schwarzer amplifier to BCI2000

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Schwarzer amplifier to BCI2000

Post by Turkois » 05 Jan 2017, 11:05

Hello everyone,

I am actually a last year biomedical engineering student and I am now doing my end-course internship in a hospital. My mission is to implement a BCI that could classify emotions in real time. I am also a new beginner with BCI200 that’s why I am trying to perform the mu-rhythm BCI. I already have read the tutorial to the fullest but I am now physically stuck at step 3 “Obtaining Mu-Rhythm parameters in an initial session”.

Here my situations :

• I am using this headbox model : Schwarzer GmbH, Munich, Germany
And data acquisition is done thank to the software named BrainRT (OSG Bvba, Rumst, Belgium) which stores them in a “.SIG” file which can’t be read by BCI2000. (I can convert it in GDF thanks to EEGLAB but this means that I will have one more step in my system… the more the system is simple the more the clinician’s works get easier).

• I already have research on this forum if someone has already used this configuration issue but it’s not the case. The posts that I have seen were concerning configuration issue with amplifiers that are already compatible with BCI2000 (listed here in your tutorial BCI2000/doc/htmlhelp/wiki/html/Contributions%253AADCs.html).

What do I do in cases that my amplifier is part of that list ? Is it still possible to me to use BCI2000 or do I have to stop right here and think about another way ?

Here what my actual system does :


Here the system that I would like to implement :


Is that last system possible ? Or do I have to pass by an additional step as mentioned previously (and as shown in the figure below).


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