Improve P3 Speller overall performance

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Improve P3 Speller overall performance

Post by razor87 » 12 Sep 2014, 05:52

Following a workshop on BCI I found some improvement I wish to try in P3 speller application.
In particular they show us a matrix similar to the BCI 2000 P3 speller one but with enclosing sqaure for each letter.
More over instead of flashing letters they used icon with face of famous people flashing accordingly to the oddball paradigm.

I would try to integrate this modification in BCI2000 framework, any suggestion on which class or methods I've to modify.

thank you

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Re: Improve P3 Speller overall performance

Post by pbrunner » 29 Jan 2015, 11:01


I would like to follow up on your post. Did you manage to modify the P300 Speller Task?

Regards, Peter


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