TextResult too long provoques roundtrip lag in P3Speller

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TextResult too long provoques roundtrip lag in P3Speller

Post by lokinou » 04 Dec 2013, 11:51


There is a bug that I would like to report on BCI2000 v3.
In the P3SpellerTask:
When the TextResult field contains too many character, the program starts lagging, and the roundtrip goes wrong.
It can be reproduced by entering a very long string into TextResult and run an eeg signal acquisition (not signalgenerator).
For my paradigm, it means that after 20 minutes of normal use, the program starts to display bad rountrip.

Unchecking displayResults do not have effect
It can be canceled by modifying sources: clearing mTextHistory or limiting mTextHistory variable size (in OnText).

So my question will be:
- can it be patched, or at least make this string have a limit of 30 characters for example ?
- is there a way to clear this textResult field without having to stop the current run ?



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